Maestro & Sideway Vibrolas Aged

This is rare stuff...Gibson Sideway Vibrola Chrome Plated Aged
Sideway Vibrolas used on Gibson Guitars between 1960-63'
Nearly impossible to find...the new revised (Better working) Sidewayvibrola!
Comes incl, all mounting screws...
An undeniable classic, the original Les Paul/SG Standard of 1961-’62 was released with one well-recognized flaw: its stylish Deluxe Vibrato unit (commonly known as the “Sideways Vibrato” for its side-to-side action) never functioned quite as smoothly or accurately as intended. Now Gibson USA has not only recreated this legendary guitar in all its period-correct glory, but totally re-engineered the Sideways Vibrato for smooth, efficient action with perfect pitch return.
Our Sideways are light aged with a nice patina!