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The worlds finest aged real Bakelit Guards available Exclusive handmade for Crazyparts by Master Relic founder Jorge Vergara Montero well known as one of the best Relic Guitar will not find better and more accurate Bakelite Guards...each one is Painstaking aged by hand with Vintage correct process!
Our Guards are the only ones with the real Bevel, punched like in the old days...not CNC machined, with the correct light broken Bevel. (BTW. the light whiten markings are from the polishing process, its like the old ones its not fault in this case no reason to complain!)

...understand that nowadays everything is fast and the results are immediate. These guards are build like 70 years ago, when time ran slower and everything was done by hand, that is something else.
The nitrofinish is also slow, you know it takes a several weeks for it to cure and after that the final finishing-polishing can be done.
At the end we will do the relicing job, which is not something that can be done quickly and carelessly.

The process itself....
First we have flattened the head of the pickguard scews. The idea is that they do not stand out from the surface of the pickguard and thus be able to sand freely without anything interfering.
We build a plywood board of the same specifications as the ones used in Fullerton in the early 50s.
Second, the pickguards come with a satin finish. They must be sanded by hand on both sides with 400, 600 and 800 grain sandpaper so that the nitro lacquer can adhere well to the surface.
When the nitro has already cured. We started polishing and relicing.
Important information for your clients: the pickguards are finished entirely by hand, one by one, without templates, therefore each piece is special!
-The Bakelite is leveled with 600 grit sandpaper. This allows the lacquer to adhere to the surface.
-5 coats of real nitrocellulose lacquer are applied. Fine sanded with 800 and 1200 grit between coats. The characteristic "halo" of 5” diameter is on the back, just like they did in Fullerton in the 50s.
-After the nitro is cured, they are sanded and leveled by hand with 800, 1,200 and 2,000 grains. Finally, they are polished by hand one by one, paying attention to the smallest details.

Some unique specifications of our relic work that are interesting. These details make the difference that makes these guards unique, without any competition in the market.

We offer different styles....Early with light rounded Bevel you found on 50-52' Teles and later style with non rounded Bevel...also we offer Standard aged or Customaged Guards with Stringwear!

Another Special....about HISTORY details!

The Photo shows a very early relic and next to it a later aged one.
Historically you have to understand that Rock'n'Roll still had not appeared, most of the first blackguards were in the hands of Country and Western Bop musicians.
With the absence of the electric bass, in the bands there was always a guitar that reinforced the acoustic double bass line (dog house :)), which, since they were not amplified, were at a disadvantage in the band.
It is for this reason that in those early examples the string wear of the 6th, 5th and 4th strings is more marked. The area of ??wear is concentrated more to the right of the 6th string than to the side of the 1st string, very close to the neck pickup. Jimmy Bryant for example.
Instead, the example on the right, that aged one, corresponds to a later style of playing, more in the Rockabilly style. Like Johnny Cash's guitarist Luther Perkins, who, although he still did a lot of bass lines, his Esquire didn't get as marked on the lower strings.

We are convinced that these details and dedication are exactly what the Blackguards freaks like and that makes the difference with the competition! We are talking about a much more detailed, fine and high-level product in which even the smallest detail is not missed.

Worlds finest ageing!

Each guard is UNIQUE!

Like the real deal...punched not CNC machined!
Like the real deal...punched not CNC machined!

Customaged Stringwear

Early style rounded Bevel

Aged Bevel

5' Circle

Punched Not CNC machined!

Our Guard (Top) Punched compare the CNC (Bottom)
Our Guard (Top) Punched compare the CNC (Bottom)