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Picture by Dan Bull (Guitartec of Bernie)
Picture by Dan Bull (Guitartec of Bernie)

...We proudly present "THE BEAST BUCKER". It’s exactly one year left since Barbara and I met Bernie for the first time at the 2014 Copenhagen Guitar show. He fell in love with my Dave Johnson "Barfly" and asked me about the PAFs after he played it...Then we came up with the idea of "THE BEAST BUCKER" . Now after 1 year and hours of testing finally we are proud to present Bernie’s Signature PAF...we studied the details of Bernie’s PAFs and found the best components (all Vintage correct) to build a Pickup that breathes the famous "Burst Tone" into your modern built Guitar...
Exact 1 year later, after lot of reseach and testing, checking details of Bernies org. PAFs and finding the rigth components, we are proud to introduce "THE BEAST BUCKER". Bernies Signature Pickup is close to the old Burst PAFs that breathe the Famous "Burst Tone" into your modern build Guitar.

"THE BEAST BUCKER" Vintage Version is build only from Vintage correct Parts, incl. correct alloy slugs and custommade "Cheesehead" Polescrews all those Parts are "Made in USA" , the magnet of this PAF is custommade (we analyzied an old PAF Magnet and find out the components they are made from and found company in UK that reproduced it) All Parts and Sets will be prepared here at Crazyparts when we get it from the USA first, the ageing process is very complex, ageing Bases, Bobbins, Screws etc. , then the parts prepared for the next step of the production and sending to Marc Ransley for winding. After the winding process and mounting they send back to us for final ageing, adding stickers, final check and packing for final sale.
All Pickups are wind the old fashioned way by real people that had pride in what they were doing. This is one of the secrets and something special that you don't get cloned by a machine, that humanity you get from one person, winding one pickup at a time, is what we think "MOJO" is. All Beastbucker Sets are numbered and came with a Certificate.
DC resistance tolerance +/- 7,4 Neck, Bridge 8,3K

PAF Pickup Sound knowledge base!

Great article about PAF sound.... Most Pickupbuilders advertise their Pickups with DC resistance to compare but this is not main factory of the sound! To understand whats important please read this article!

"The Beast" inside