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Area59' Pickups

Nalle Colt...Gibson Hist. Coll. with Area59' PAFs
Nalle Colt...Gibson Hist. Coll. with Area59' PAFs True Vintage sounding Humbuckers and P90...for reasonable price!

Build the ol' way...handwound

“AREA59” PAF Series....Maybe the best and most accurate PAF Replica made from Vintage Correct Parts!....built to breath the famous "Burst Tone" in to your modern Guitar. The key to it all....
- Built from the best Vintage correct PAF Parts unsing Customcast magnets which in our opinion up to 70% influence the sound...
- Wound the old fashioned way, hand made by real people that have pride in what they do.
- Something special that isn't machine cloned and can't be created by a clever marketing campaign.
That humanity you get from one person, winding one pickup at a time, is what we think "Mojo" is. And if we're honest, most of the vintage pickups were good, some of them were awful. But a few, a fated few were great, truly outstanding, because they had that certain something that you can't quite put your finger on, that extra 0.01% thatmakes the hair on your neck look to the stars.

Nalle Colt (Vintage Trouble) knows about good PAFs

Nalle using Area59' PAFs in his Les Pauls
Nalle using Area59' PAFs in his Les Pauls ...not just a great guy...he is amazing guitarist with a GREAT tone...Nalle using Area59' - 1959' Pat.Appld. PAFs in his Les Pauls with our CTS "TVT" Pots...

New or slightly aged and built according to original spec other than being hand wound rather than machine, built and voiced as faithful reproductions of the best sounding late '59 PAF’s with “Unmistakable vintage character”
These are made with correct parts including the Plain enamel wire, custommade alnico magnets and the all black leads are correctly configured according to original PAFs we own.
All pickups comes with custombuild long Alnico V magnets for the real Vintage tone. We use 2 different kinds of A5 Magnets for Bridge and Neck which makes a huge difference in tone.

Nice Special Square Windows at the correct position at both sides! Vintage Correct 2-Strand Braided Shieldwire, Vintage Correct PAF Base, Brass Bobbin Screws Vintage style PAF sticker and last but not least, Vintage correct "Cheesehead Polescrews! Bobbins are Custommade for Crazyparts and matching the org. ol Gibson PAFs. We have access to a selection of org. Les Paul, SGs, ES so we know how those old instruments can sounds and proud to say our Area59' PAFs are really really close!

Snowy White using Area59'-1957' Pat.Appld. PAFs

Pink Floyd, Roger Waters und Thin Lizzy ...
Pink Floyd, Roger Waters und Thin Lizzy ... to name some bands he played...his Dave Johnson Makeover nickname "Bird of Paradise was a gift from H.Suzuki (Guitartec of Mick Taylor) and A.Iwasaki (DMC) The Pickups and Electronic CTS "TVT" Pots & Luxe Bumble Bees was given by Crazyparts....checkout Snowys last Albums "The Situation" & "Something On Me"

EXACT NUMBER OF TURNS, and NOT by exact DC resist

All our Pickups wind by EXACT NUMBER OF TURNS, and NOT by exact DC resistance! Why? Because the DC resistance will only give you a ballpark number, as there are many things that can alter the reading. Different meters, different roll of wire, even changes of wire size in a roll of wire itself, room temperature, etc. The DC resistance can change always, if you build Pickups with the same specs, materials and the same number of turns you can be sure they will sounds nearly identically, if you wind by DC its not guarnteed!

Important Infos about PAF Specs....

Important Infos about our PAFs...
After nearly 1,5 years of research (in 2015) and testing all pickups we offer today we never changed the specs of our "Final Version" we offer today! This means we using the same selected parts, wire, bobbins, slugs and polescrews and for sure the same magnets (which IMO is the most important part of the sound) for all pickups you can buy from us. For us its important, since our pickups have real vintage attitude, we have all pickups as original vintage ones ava. so we know how good old PAFs and P90s sounds and we are proud to say our pickups are do not need to shy away from the comparison.

Some important infos customers need to know about the DC resistance (kΩ) often annouced with pickups! Here is a helpfull link from Jason Lollar which helps to understand. btw. DC resistance can change +/- 5%!

So if the pickup you receive maybe has different values compare to the ones we anounce, its the temperatur, its no reason to claim. All our pickups are always wind with the same number of turns of wire for every single model.

Build from the best parts...

We use the best parts only...
We use the best parts only... ...we take care about maximum quality and authencity when we building our pickups...correct Nickel Silver Base, 2 Strand Braided Shiel wire, USA made Elektrisola 42awg Plain Enamel wire, correct turns per layer as the vintage pickups, Low Carbon "Cheesehead" Polescrews, Vintage steel Slugs, and at least a real Vintage sounding Custommade Magnet, because IMO the magnet itself makes 70% of the overall sound! We tested many many mags from different manufactures all over the worlds till we found the one that really nails the tone of a Good ol' PAF (Not all Vintage PAFs sounded or sounding good! Our research confirms that if we had a bad-sounding pickup and installed the magnet of a good-sounding one, then it also sounded good! SIMPLE BUT EASY!


We take care about all details!
We take care about all details!

Vintage PAF Base. with L-toolingmarkings

Area59' "OTP" PAF Covers

We offer 3 types! Why?....
We offer 3 types! Why?.... Its confirmed by many players and collectore, dealers that our covers are the best and most authenic Vintage Replicas ava! Made by the same small manufacture in UK which did the famous "OTP" Over the pond...PAF Covers and bases! Not many poeple or builder knows that Gibson used different style pulled holes over the years....1957' Nonpulled holes - 1958-61' light pulled screw holes - early 62' holes most was pulled more!

Color your live...

We offer diff. Vintage PAF Sets for every taste
We offer diff. Vintage PAF Sets for every taste In SOUND and or aged...with matching rings...or the worlds most authentic Replica PAF Covers (OTP) build from the finest and most authentic Pickups Building Parts available...we are proud to offer our Pickups since 2015 without any changes in specs and materials to guarantee they sounds identically from the day we offered them the first time!

Area59' aged Covers

We offer all covers also in aged...
We offer all covers also in aged... Each Cover is painstaking aged by a mutiple step ageing process...if you order a set we try to match them as close as possible to match the ageing...but note all covers are "UNIQUE" like the old ones since the ageing process cannot duplicated 100%!!!