Custom Tuner Buttons for Schaller& PRS® Phase I/II

Hailwood Guitars & Parts est. 2003 - Handmade in Germany from experienced workers, made of the finest materials available...
This is our newest High-End Button Series for Schaller M& Series Tuners (Incl. PRS-Phase I/II tuners)...Many worksteps needed to build this beautiful Tunerbuttons!

-Real Wood with White Frame and Exotic Wood Inlays
-Sold as Set of 6 Buttons
-Polished surface (protected against sweat and dirt)
-Note: In case of the naturally of wood, grain and pattern can vary!
-Tuners show with the pictures are not incl.!
-Please note! To build those buttons is needed a lot of precise and handwork in this can't get anything good cheap! They are worth every Euro!