Worlds finest selection of Custom Guitar Knobs

Hailwood Custom Parts build here in Germany to our Specs. They always build in larger QTYs and we selling those direct to customers, this is a reason why we can offer our parts much cheaper compare to other builders. Price for Exotic woods raised extremly also good quality woods are hard to find! In this case we have to change prices for Exotic Woods! But we have to add that our parts are the best Custom Parts available, they are MADE IN GERMANY (not China or India) and compare to other competitors they are much cheaper!

All knobs we offer are aftermarket parts they are not Genuie PRS parts!

-We dont build Customparts on request!
-We dont offer Picture Service for parts!

-We matching all Tunerbutton Sets best as possible!
-We offer Luthier discounts for larger orders, not for single items!

PRS® is registrated trademark of Paul Reed Smith Guitars USA, we are not affilated in any case with PRS® Guitars! The Products we offer are aftermarket parts! Not original PRS® parts.

Important info!....Wood is a naturally material which always vary in Color, Grain and pattern, like all natural materials and coloration and pattern may vary from button to button and from set to set, same with all knobs, Pickuprings, and Switchtips!

Our selection....

We offer a nice selection of Standard Replacement Knobs in Custom materials and real wood....Checkout! 4 different shapes are available, Round, Faceted and Barrel and Lampshade Knobs All knobs fits perfect to all Standard US Pots, some fixed with a screw or mounted direct with perfect fit. We offer a huge selection different kinds of wood and other fine Custommaterials All Knobs are "MADE IN GERMANY" build from an experience Team of woodworkers-

Lampshade Knobs

New Series...stunning Knobs
New Series...stunning Knobs

Custom Knobs

Real Mother of Pearl Bases

We offer also Real MOP Bases for "THE KNOB"
We offer also Real MOP Bases for "THE KNOB"
safe up to 50%
safe up to 50%