Why CTS "VT" Vintage Taper Series Pots?

More then 250'000 "TVT" Pots sold !!!! Crazyparts CTS "VT"Series pots were designed for the guitarist who is looking for the ultimate quality and tonal guitar/Bass pots available.
Around 10 years ago we started ordering CTS Pots with Customspecs, we want the optimum, Quality, performance and tonal response from a guitar potentiometer along with the Vintage Taper of the good ol' Vintage pots, the "TVT" True-Vintage-Taper Series was born.
All "VT" Series pots are custombuild to our specs in the CTS Factory exclusive for Crazyparts... The "VT" Series feature a longer-life brass shaft and bushing. The lowest turnig touque ava. , and most improtant! a ±5-7% (in lot) resistance tolerance compared to Std. CTS Pots which have up to 20% tolerance and last but not least "Vintage correct tapers!" We take great pride in offering some of the best, most consistent potentiometers on the market today.
Lots of dealers and distributors offering CTS pots with a low tolerance which is great and meaningful...but what about the taper? We offer both! Low Tolerance and Vintage tapers!

New Super Pots Series

New CTS Vintage Taper Super Pots arrived....275K Short - 550K "TVT" Series 15% Taper and Ltd.Edt. 550K Burst Taper 10%!
For sure with Lowest turnig tourque ava. from CTS and with solid brass shaft and thread like all "True Vintage Taper Pots"
Why higher values??? Because your guitar will sounds more open and fresher...lower value pots often sounds dull or muddy...
Standard CTS Pots sold everywhere have a tolerance up to 20%!!! Hereby the K value goes most under the rate one! Only 10% off all have higher values...so its kind of "Lottery" to get a good one in the range of 250 or 500K...
If you follow discussion about old Gibson Guitars you will notice that some pots over the years changed to higher values...some pots reading 600 and more "K" often. In this case we offer the new Superpot Series to get closer to the Vintage Tone!

Why we chose it that way?

Today CTS offers 7 different tapers, we decided to offer with out "VT" Series the two working and sounds Pots (Tapers) which are close to the good old Vintage Pots.
Our "TVT" pot...We tested all ava. Tapers from CTS and find out that Taper "B" of 15% works in our opinion best with todays equipment, this taper offers a nice control when roll down the volume and you have full control of your amp in higher gain settings to a nice full rich sounding crunch. This is the pot we recommend when you using a single channel amp and if you want maximum control. But like anything its depending on your own experience and needs.
Our New "SVT" Soft Vintage Taper pot has CTS Taper "H" 25% this is a nice option if the player prefer a med. gain or cleaner sound setting or want a softer sweep down in the lower Volume range, also here is the same...its depending on the players personal experience and taste.

Which Pot do you need...

Gibson Les Pauls that take long shaft pots:
50's & 60's Tributes
Historic '68 Custom RI
1977-current Custom's
1977-current Deluxe's
1977-1982 Pro's

Gibson Les Pauls that take short shaft pots:
Historic R4/R5/R6/R7/R8/R9/R0
1952-1977 Standard's
1954-1977 Custom's
1968-1977 Deluxe's
Historic R7 Custom
The Paul's
Les Paul Special's
Les Paul Jr.'s

Of course, with Gibson, there are lots of transitional changes, custom one-offs that may not follow the list.

(the only exception is the Epiphone Les Paul Elitist)

Tip: Long shaft pots will fit in ANY Les Paul; adjust the nuts for proper height above the top.