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Do different types of capacitors have different sound qualities?
Changing the type and value of capacitor used in your guitar's wiring harness can have an effect on the overall sound of your guitar. We have compiled a list of sound characteristics for each different type of capacitor, but please remember that all changes to tone are subjective and each user could understandably derive different sound traits from any component change.
-Ceramic Disc - Flat sounding, slightly harsh or edgy.
-Foil Film (Mojotone Dijon) - Transparent and smooth. Our most popular cap for amps and guitars.
-Oil Filled (Mojotone Vitamin T) - Slightly darker and smoother.
-Metalized Film (Orange Drop) - Flat sounding with a little more warmth and transparency than ceramic disc.
In regards to cap values, this really depends on how much and how quickly you want the treble to roll off. The higher the value, the more treble will be rolled off.