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Bridges & Tailpieces

The largest selection of Replacement Parts here...

Europes largest selection of Replacement Parts incl. rare and hard to find stuff for Gibson & Epiphone Guitars. Incl. a wide range of Guitarbuilding parts, like anchors, studs, Tailpieces, Bridges, Replacement Parts for Builders, Repair or Restoration

The largest selection of Telebridge Made in USA!
The largest selection of Telebridge Made in USA! B.Y.O.B. BUILD YOUR OWN BRIDGE - PICK YOUR SADDLES YOU WANT WITH THE BRIDGE YOU WANT...we offer a huge selection of the finest (MADE IN USA) Tele bridges available...

...we have the parts for your Dream Bridge!

One of the finest selections of Tele Bridges. Half, Full, Staggered, Shortwall, Bigsbystyle Telebridges, Saddles, Stringferrules...Checkout now! Tele Bridge made of Cold Rolled steel 0.48 and 0.60'' Thickness incl. Stainless Steel Bridges.
Lot of Bridges Dual /Top & Bottom String Loading available!

Whatever you want...

Bridges, Tailpieces, Thumbwheels, Posts, Conversion Posts and many many more.... We guaranteed have the Bridge or Tailpiece you need, in all Priceranges... starting Standard cast Zink and Alu ones to Precision CNC machined, Aluminum, Brass or Alu. A huge selection incl. Nylon saddles for ABR-1 Bridge or Domed Thumbwheels for Bigsby or Maestro Vibrola use....All Bridges and Replacement Parts are made in USA.

Conversion Posts/Thumbwheels

Made in USA - Conversion Posts and Thumbwheels
Made in USA - Conversion Posts and Thumbwheels You wanna use ABR-1 on your Epiphone? ..or change your Nashville TOM to ABR-1 Bridge? We offer the Posts and Thubmwheels you need!

The largest selection of Conversion Posts and Thumbwheels...if you wanna install an ABR-1 Bridge on your Standard LP we offer a wide range of Coversion Posts for USA Made Guitars (Inch thread) and Asian Made Guitar with Metric thread, incl. different types of Thumbwheels in different materials (Brass and Steel) and different thickness which have lot of effect to the tone- Different Materials sounds different -... We also offer Domed Thumbwheel which are perfect when you have Maestro or Bigsby Vibrola installed on our Guitar.

Tele Saddles

Here is a selection of Replacement saddles for your Tele Bridge... Tonemission “to make the guitar sound at its best”. To get the best our of your Telecaster’s real potential a simple way to make it sound even better.
Different materials sound different!
BRASS: overall very nice balanced tone of highs mids and lows. The alltime favorite material since the early 50's along with the best possible octavetuning you can get today!
ALUMINU: Sound...adds overall more highs without losing mids or lows. Great for Alderbodies or if you want more TWANG!
STEEL: Sound...Cold rolled steel adds a very acoustical value to the guitars tone, with more highs than brass but less highs than aluminum.

ABR-1 Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts for ABR-1 Bridges...if you need to change your saddles or screws of your ABR-1 Bridge, we offer those hard to find parts...ABR-1 Wired and Nonwire Screws, ABR-1 Saddles in Raw, Nickelplated or Gold incl. ABS and Nylon Saddles, Stringretariner for Wired ABR-1 Bridges incl. Single ABR-1 Bases for your personally build Bridge to your Choice. Our newest Product are ABR-1 Screws and Saddles made of Soft Vintage Brass which sound more "Vintage" compare to the Standard ones...

Studs and Anchors

Studs and Anchors für Builders, for Restoration, New Construction or Repair...Modern Aluminum or Vintage Steel Anchors, Inch and Metroc Studs, Standard and Vintage Lenght...Studs in Aluminum, Brass or Steel....incl. Locking Studs for Modern Guitars.