"Pre-CBS & Vintage" Nylon Acc.Kits

5 different Colors ava. 4 Nylon (Blacklight reacti
5 different Colors ava. 4 Nylon (Blacklight reacti

Most of old Fender Plastics was made of Nylon...those covers, knobs and tips had an unique look and feel. Out new "True to Vintage" Nylon Parts Series brings the good old (days) parts back. The closest parts to the old ones you find at the market today! Incl. Vintage Aged White Series which is blacklight reacting like the old parts, Cover and Knobs glowing yellow/green under blacklight! Most Nylon Knobs have also vintage style fonts and numbers...since our publication of this knobs they become our bestseller within 4 weeks!

Blacklight reacting "Vintage aged White" Series

Front /Green/Yellow is real Nylon Cover
Front /Green/Yellow is real Nylon Cover while the other covers is standard aftermarket ABS plastic cover (dont reacting!)

Its all about the details....If you pay attention to the details here are our "True Vintage Aged White" Nylon Knobs and Covers...like genuie Vintage parts from the early 60's they reacting the same way under blacklight! See picture "Vintage Aged White" glowing green/yellow while the standard ABS platics dont reacts! Note: Only the "True Aged White" Series reacting under blacklight!