Its all about the details....25 years experience in Ageing!
All guards are custombuild for Crazyparts in Japan, the Greenguards are cery close to org. old Nitrate Guards, available also new! 62' & 64' style, we also have very nice Parchment Guards 62', 64'/65', 68/69' Pearlback and 70's style ... along with 1 Layer White, Vintage White and Red & Brown Tortoise Guards. We offer also a ltd. run of real Celluloid Guards...checkout!

Please note that we age parts one at a time painstaking and carefully by hand, in this way every single piece is unique.
NOTE:All Guards made from US template so will fit Fender US/Mexican Vintage Series. They dont fit American Std. of other modern Guitars!
(Fender Customshop Guards Vary from screwholes often 0,5-1mm)! So we dont guarantee that the fits CS Series too!)

Like the real deal...punched not CNC machined!
Like the real deal...punched not CNC machined!