Humbucker Mounting Rings

Made in Japan, fits Gibson® Guitars...a nice selection of nearly all Colors Maybe the best Aged rings in the lower Price Range available at the market!
Every rings is painstaking Authentic aged by hand!!!! Due to the nature of relic works, aging patterns may vary slightly for different pieces. Aged set of 2 rings.
Size Overall: 45x90mm
Heigth Neck Ring: 4,4x6mm
Height Brigde Ring: 10x11,8mm

Please Note: In Case of different Top Carves, we recommend using the Rings for Historic Collection Series Guitars only. You also can sanding the bottom of the rings to fits other guitars. We also offer Precarved Rings, please checkout!Best Rings are our "CAB" Series...material is much softer and follow the carve easier! We don't accept complaints for broken rings when using for guitars with stronger topcarves.
We offer following Colors:
-Creme - Great Color for the ones like the more Yellow rings
-Ivory - Nice Ivory Color, not too Yellow
-Black - Best Choice for LP Customs and Goldtops with Black Plastics
-Vintage Bone- The Rings that comes closest to the old M69 Rings, slightly touch more Ivory
-Bone White and Black CAB Rings

Note: Mounting Screws are not incl. please order seperate!

Bernie Marsden Sig. PAF Sets Ltd. Edt
Bernie Marsden Sig. PAF Sets Ltd. Edt