Knobs you will find all years 1954-1970's
The "Art of Aging Series.... Quality Goods aged Inhouse... we started aging Plastic and Metalparts more then 20 years ago longtime before other done. After long research and lots of experience in aging parts we come now with our "Art of Aging" Series...High Quality Aftermarket Parts...We offer a wide range of Metal and Plasticparts esp. for Gibson style Guitars...our goal is to offer authentic looking aged parts for a reasonable price... Please note! The sample photos of this parts are a reasonable representation of what you will get. Please note that we age parts one at a time painstaking and carefully by hand, in this way every single piece is unique.

Nice detailed aged one by one...dirt build up in the splines, oxidised numbers and letters...Now also available real Nylon and real Bakelite Covers , Knobs and Tips