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Area59' Hardware is Custombuild in the USA-Vintage Shape is the keyword-along to best selected materials
Guitarcompanies offering Highpriced and Highquality Instruments build to Vintage specs and Vintage look but most of this Guitars comes with the Standard Series Hardware...we think those instruments are worth to wear also Vintage Specs Hardware, this was the reason we created the "True to Vintage" Series.

The Vintage Softbrass Project

The Key of it all...its all about the details!
The Key of it all...its all about the details! We are proud to impleted this project in December 2021 finally, after more then 2 years from the idea to the final Product! Resdearch testing, analyzing old materials, finding a manufacture in the USA which was able to build this parts to our needs. Two imortant factory why old bridges sounding better compare to nowadays! -THE BRASS- Gibson used much softer brass for saddles/screws and thumbwhells which a much looser fit in the ABR-1 Bridge itself. and -THE THUBMWHEELS- finally made with the nearly same specs, thicknes and diameter liek the old ones. The Keyfactors why our parts sounding better and more Vintage like others! The Softbrass and the fitting of the parts let your guitar "BREATH". We sold till today more then 500 Sets of our Softbrass Parts and Bridges! Customers all over the world sending emails and thankfull for the sound they every looking for...Everybody knows that we always take care about the details, so we added the typical tooling marking to our saddles!