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Aged available

Complete Assemblies just great!
Complete Assemblies just great! We now offer aged assemblies...our Bestseller Green23 Guard with our Bestseller Pre-CBS style Real Nylon parts, Backplate, Thin vintage alu Shield and all mounting screws! Safe up to 20€

Pre-CBS style Plastics

Just in...Pre-CBS Accessorie Kits
Just in...Pre-CBS Accessorie Kits We offer 5 different Pre-CBS style Accessorie Kit...Eggshell (Off-White) HIPS - and 4 different real Nylon (Blacklight reacting) Kits... in different colors...Vintage White / Aged Vintage White / Ivory and Creme/Ivory...all Sets have Pre-CBS style Fonts/Numbers, the pickups Covers have like the org. ones slightly softed tops (not hard like most aftermarket ones) and Tips have also correct tooling marks...just like the real Vintage ones!

Whats your favorite Color?

Just in (Nonaged) Pre-CBS Accessorie Sets
Just in (Nonaged) Pre-CBS Accessorie Sets 58/59' Hips type and Real Nylon (Blacklight reacting) parts with Vintage style Font/Numbers...

Just in! Softbrass ABR-1 Saddles Version II

Just in Version II Softbrass saddles!
Just in Version II Softbrass saddles! After we sold more then 700 Sets (Saddles, Bridges, Orange Boxes...the first run is now sold out! Don't worry, yesterday of 21nd of August we got the Revised Version of (Customer says the world best sounding!) Softbrass Saddles which called Version II...what is the difference? Not a big change! We just give the topedges a light upgrade with softer edges....just a bit but its notable and you feel the difference! Its much more playing comfort without the sharp edges of the stocksaddles and Version I...If you check the web to old ABR-1 bridges you will see the saddles will be softer and not sharp like todays aftermarket saddles...So we are ready to make another 1666 Customers happy when buying the best sounding replacement parts for Gibson ABR-1 bridges!

here are some feedbacks about our Area59' Softbrass Parts...

Wow, these saddles are incredible! They instantly improved the sound of my guitar which has an original stock Gibson ABR-1 at least 25%!! The mushy, sort of feeble attack that has bothered me for years is GONE - now it has that famous clicky thunky attack that everybody wants. It made the guitar so much better sounding and SO MUCH more fun to play, I can hardly believe that just changing the saddles could do that much. I'm amazed. What a great product!

The greatly increased clarity and definition in the sound is just amazing. it's a whole different guitar now, a MUCH better one.
James Balsam
Dear Crazyparts,

Today i installed my new Ltd ed ABR1 vintage shape on my 2019 60th anniversary 59 LP.
My guitar has better parts already. Gibson claimed their anniversary models are closer to the original as before.
Although I was sceptic that the new bridge could deliver an even better sound, I pulled the trigger and ordered one. I got surprised before by crazyparts (e.g. PAF covers copperless nickel plated, 550K tvt pots compaired to VIPots).
At first sight the new bridge wasn’t that different. A little less rounded edges than the anniversary bridge and the new saddles with wider edge. Looser fit of the saddles and screws as described on the website. After I slotted the saddles, I put on the same strings to compare the bridges soundwise.
Immediately I could hear a difference in acoustic resonance when played unplugged. Nice ring and a little louder.
OK, time to connect the amp with a bluesy setting and a few pedals.
I could feel the guitar breath more. The playability is a lot easier because the loose feel of the sound. More sustain and note separation. An open sound, better than before, even it was already a near perfect guitar to me.
Now the guitar rings more on cleaner settings, with a little more low-mid quacky sound on the attack. More detailed.
The ear-piercing frequency on the high E and B string (bridge pickup) is less pronounced (4KHz+), although with more presence/brilliance. More balanced voice on the bridge pickup. Just like I wanted. A winner to me. A decent upgrade for the tone purist. Worth every penny.
Another piece of the puzzle.
Keep up the good work!
Bart De B.
It’s impressive how much the correct bridge changes and makes it vintage sounding.
I have a R8 from 2008 with 50’s wiring, kluson tail piece and Spirit of 59 from Amber PU (another German product!!)
And I now have the LP tone I have been searching for, it’s been a journey!
Marjus B.

Don't stop at the top!

Its all about the details!
Its all about the details! The small things makes the difference...we just give the saddles a smoother feel with light soft rounded edges! YOU FEEL THE DIFFERENCE! The rest is exact the same like the first run!

New Greenish Guards

We call it "Green23"...our new Green Guards
We call it "Green23"...our new Green Guards Amazing new color, amazing close to our real Celluloid Guards (sorry most sold out!)...Great Vintage Color, for sure Vintage Bevel...all the nice specs like different deep countersunk holes for Mounting, Switch and Pickups...Check Top Guard is new Green23 bottom our Bestseller Vintage Greenish up to you! Your choice! Something specail ...the toplayer is slighlty translucend to copy the "bleeding" look of the old Guard... when top layer is glues with aceton with the black middle layer...

"THE BEAST BUCKER" Bernie Marsden Signature PAF

RIP Bernie Marsden...great to know you personally
RIP Bernie Marsden...great to know you personally Sad Bernie passed to early...we honour his music and life with his Signature PAF set...25 Ltd. Editon Beastbucker sets will ava. in September only

New Crazyparts "TE/ST"® Bridge out...

Maybe the most versatile Vintage style Tremolo...
Maybe the most versatile Vintage style Tremolo... BYOT - "Build your own Tremolo" Choose the Block (Steel or Brass) Topplate and Saddles to your choice! With our new TE/ST® Tremolo you can use Standard Vintage Saddles or any of our Compensated Tele® Replacement saddles which are ava. in 1/4'' and 5/16'' Diameter, in Solid Brass, Steel or Aluminum whatever you like! Tonemission “to make the guitar sound at its best” To get the best our of your Stratocaster® real potential a simple way to make it sound even better. These new "Offset compensated" bridge saddles, cut out from solid block material, create a stunning tone quality you never heard before from your guitar! You will find the Compensated Tele Saddles here: - The TE/ST Toplate , Blocks and Arms here:


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